Ilenia & Sašo

Kodarin’s Mill, Slovenia

It’s hard to find a more idyllic wedding venue like Kodarin’s Mill. Located deep in unspoilt Istrian region, surrounded by thousands of trees and flowers. Bees are buzzing by the rustic villa, butterflies are playing in lavender, and some fish are jumping in the pool, which is fed by the Dragonja river.

Ilenia and Sašo are an interesting and extremely energetic couple. Her family comes from Napoli, Italy, and he has Balkan roots, so it is completely unnecessary to explain you their charismatic temperament.

Their day was almost perfect. As Ilenia walked toward the emotional Sašo, she shone brighter than the June sun. She was accompanied by a song from the iconic film Godfather, which was flawlessly sung by Mihael Roškar in an opera version. Eyes and lenses were drizzling by the speach of the registrar Aurelio Juri.

Real Italian pasta for dinner, spectacular first dance and colorful sparkles by the cake for the end of another beautiful wedding 🙂