The field of architecture photography is not only relevant to hoteliers and architects, but is present in almost all photographic fields. Her rules should also be followed when taking portraits if they are in an ambience. Walls can be sideways, only in rare cases where rules are violated perfectly. In fact, we try to show each photograph as three-dimensional as possible, which is at the same time a major purpose of architecture  photography. In addition to the architect’s masterpieces, we also show the size and shape of the space or object.

Architectural photography, however, varies according to the client’s need:


This principle is suitable for those who want to show how a real estate is suitable for life. People are more likely to imagine themselves in an environment where everyday objects are present. A table with a coffee cup on it is much more appealing than empty one. Someone might not know what to do with the lawn in front of the house if there wasn’t  a soccer ball on it. With everyday objects, we show that someone was just here, but the moment before the photo left the frame. This also gives the feeling that the space is comfortable and livable. Of course, care must be taken not to exaggerate and mess the place, thereby overshadowing the architectural design of the building. The blanket on the couch should be just folded and just thrown enough so that it is likely that a person was covered with it seconds ago. Just left idea is suitable for architects, real estate sellers or for those looking for tenants who would live longer in the property. In the gallery below you can see mixed projects ordered by architects, interior designers or real estate sellers.

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Most often, photographs of objects are needed by those involved in short-term renting. Hotels, hostels and last but not least, AirBnb sellers. Photography is a major selling factor. Such clients require a sterile arrangement of space and a perfectly laid bed. The photo should give the impression that every guest will feel like he or she is the first to sleep in this room. Care must be taken not to mislead the photograph. Various fruit baskets, vases with enormous bouquets of flowers, champagne in an ice bucket and similar decorative elements are all wonderful for enhancing the photo, but guests are really looking forward to it. Not waiting for them in the room will bring more problems than benefits. Check out the various project series of our satisfied clients below.

HOTEL A – Žalec


METRO HOSTEL – Ljubljana