Tjaša & Matic

Tri lučke, Slovenia

Tjaša and Matic are our regular customers. Since their kid Mart was still in his mother’s belly they are regularly coming for family photo shooting. Some of theirs photos you can find here.

At the same time we are also collaborating in business. Matic Močnik is actually coming from goldsmith family. Zlatarstvo Močnik is one of the most famous Slovenian jeweller’s and hundreds of rings, necklaces and ear rings passed our camera lens. Some of these examples you can check in our portfolios of product and advertising photography.

While they were getting ready Matic send Tjaša handmade necklace and she returned him with a watch. Matic also made the wedding rings by himsefl. For Tjaša the ring were kept as a secret till the moment when Matic put in on her finger. And I can tell you that this ring was special. Made of platinum, scattered with diamonds and deliberated to perfecion.

Tri lučke are nowadays well know wedding venue. Out of infinity pool a wounderfull panorama view is spread throug the valley. Surrounded with countless vineyards offers diversity for newlyweds photo shoot. It is famous by extremely good food and quality rooms where getting ready shots are real pleasure for us photographers. And at the end of the day Tri lučke warrants the reputation.

It can be seen that Tjaša and Matic are truly in love. And only to couple that are in love can the most important day in their lives be also the most beautiful one 🙂